Spellbook Cards: Archetype Decks

The Spellbook Cards card decks are an invaluable resource, whatever your character class. Having all of your spell and ability details right at your fingertips saves you having to spend time searching through books in the middle of an encounter. These new archetype decks give you extra cards for all the additional spells and abilities granted by your Cleric Domain, Arcane Archetype, Druid Circle, Paladin Oath, Monk Tradition and more.

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Dungeon Master's Screen: Rage of Demons

This screen is the perfect companion for those Dungeon Masters running the Out of the AbyssTM adventure, or any trek into the Underdark. The front includes ominous images of several demon lords while the back provides quick reference to maps, random encounter tables, and everything you need for an extended stay in the Underdark.

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Rage of Demons: Orcus (71048)

Orcus is brooding and nihilistic. He finds some amusement in the suffering of the living but is satisfied only when they are dead. He focuses his anger and hate on living creatures, turning them into undead puppets that he directs against any enemy who dares cross his path of destruction. Orcus wields the Wand of Orcus, which is topped with a magically enlarged human skull.

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Rage of Demons: Graz'zt (71047)

Known as the Prince of Pleasure, Graz’zt is a creature of debauchery and desire who strives to accumulate more power. He delights in ostentatious finery and pageantry, sating his decadent desires with subjects and consorts alike. He particularly relishes the spectacle of a self-indulgent person’s life collapsing into ruin.

Rage of Demons: Zuggtmoy (71046)

Zuggtmoy’s only desire is to infect and control living creatures, bending them to her will and using them to spread her spores. Zuggtmoy’s cultists follow her unwittingly. Most are fungi-infused to some degree, whether through inhaling her mind-controlling spores or being transformed to the point where flesh and fungus become one. Such cultists are walking fungal extensions of Zuggtmoy’s will.

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Gar Shatterkeel & Water Priest painting guide

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Gar Shatterkeel and Water Priest assembly guide

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Vanifer & Fire Priest (71037)

Vanifer is the fire prophet of the Elder Elemental Eye, and the leader of the Cult of the Eternal Flame. Vanifer’s rough childhood has hardened her heart against others. The word is a corrupt, painful place, she thinks, and the only way to cleanse it is with flame.

Her ruthless ambition and practiced manipulation has enabled her to establish the fledgling fire cult under the noses of those in Little Calimshan, who only see her as a simple dance instructor.

Contains 2 unpainted, unassembled resin figures.

Scuplted by Georgio Bassani.

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Fire Myrmidon (71038)

Elemental myrmidons are elementals conjured and bound by magic into ritually created suits of plate armor. In this form, they possess no recollection of their former existence as free elementals. They exist only to follow the commands of their creators.

Contains 6 resin parts.

Sculpted by Charles Woods.

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Daniel Gelon paints the Earth Myrmidon - Part 1

Dan Gelon, Digital Art Director for Dungeons & Dragons, celebrates the Elemental Evil storyline by painting Gale Force Nine’s four elemental myrmidons. In this first of a series of time-lapse movies, he begins prepping the Earth Myrmidon.

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