D&D Restock and New Releases

D&D Restocks and new Releases

Our warehouse team in the USA have been busy today unloading a massive shipment of D&D Spell Cards, as well as the new Aberations & Undead expansion for Tyrants of the Underdark.

We will be shipping these out to stores faster than a Hill Giant stealing your livestock so contact your local shop and make sure they have their orders in now.

DnD Spell Cards DnD Spell Cards
Aberrations and Undead, the new expansion pack for Tyrants of the Underdark, contains two half-decks brimming with vile minions for you to add to your game. These decks can be paired with any of the game's existing half-decks and introduce new mechanics and playstyles. If you haven't tried out Tyrants of the Underdark check it out, it's a regular choice here at our in-house gaming sessions.
DnD Spell Cards DnD Spell Cards DnD Spell Cards